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org::apache::uima::tools::cvd::AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame Class Reference

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class  AcceptButtonHandler
class  CancelButtonHandler
class  CustomizeBgButtonHandler
class  CustomizeFgButtonHandler
class  TypeTreeSelectionListener

Public Member Functions

 AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame ()
 AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame (GraphicsConfiguration arg0)
 AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame (String arg0, GraphicsConfiguration arg1)
 AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame (String arg0)
void init (Map< String, Style > styleMap1, CAS cas)

Private Member Functions

void createButtonPanel (JPanel buttonPanel)
JPanel createColorPanel (String text, ColorIcon icon, int buttonType)
JPanel createCustomizationPanel (String typeName)
TreeModel createTreeModel (TypeSystem ts)
void enableButtons (boolean flag)
void setCurrentStyle (Style style)
void setCustomizationPanel (String typeName)
void setTextPane ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void addChildren (DefaultMutableTreeNode node, Type type, TypeSystem ts)

Private Attributes

JButton acceptButton
Color bgColor
ColorIcon bgIcon
JButton cancelButton
Style currentStyle
String currentTypeName
Color fgColor
ColorIcon fgIcon
JSplitPane splitPane
Map< String, Style > styleMap
JTextPane textPane
JTree tree

Static Private Attributes

static final int BG = 1
static final String currentStyleName = "currentStyle"
static final String defaultStyleName = "defaultUnannotStyle"
static final int FG = 0
static final long serialVersionUID = -6695661439132793537L

Detailed Description

TODO: add type comment for AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame.

Definition at line 59 of file AnnotationDisplayCustomizationFrame.java.

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