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org::apache::uima::tools::cvd::FSTreeModel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addTreeModelListener (TreeModelListener arg0)
 FSTreeModel ()
Object getChild (Object parent, int index)
int getChildCount (Object parent)
List< FSNodegetFSs ()
int getIndexOfChild (Object parent, Object child)
Object getRoot ()
boolean isLeaf (Object node)
TreePath pathToNode (int fsNum)
void removeTreeModelListener (TreeModelListener arg0)
void reset ()
void update (String indexName, FSIndex index, CAS cas1)
void valueForPathChanged (TreePath path, Object newValue)

Package Functions

CASImpl getCas ()
int getNodeType (Type type)
int getNodeType (int addr, Feature feat)
String getRootString ()

Static Package Functions

static List< FSTreeNodecreateArrayChildren (int start, int end, List< FSNode > array, FSTreeModel model)

Private Member Functions

void getPathToNode (int n, List< FSTreeNode > dtrs, List< FSTreeNode > path)

Private Attributes

CASImpl cas
List< FSNodefss
FSTreeNode root
String rootString = defaultRootString
List< TreeModelListener > treeModelListeners = new ArrayList<TreeModelListener>()

Static Private Attributes

static final String defaultRootString = "FS List - no selection</b></html>"

Detailed Description

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Definition at line 44 of file FSTreeModel.java.

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