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org::apache::uima::tools::cvd::MainFrame Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addLanguage (String language1)
void createCodePages ()
void createLanguages ()
void destroyAe ()
AnalysisEngine getAe ()
File getAnnotOpenDir ()
CAS getCas ()
String getCodePage ()
List< String > getCodePages ()
File getColorSettingFile ()
File getColorSettingsDir ()
String getDataPathName ()
Dimension getDimension (String propPrefix)
File getFileOpenDir ()
JTree getFsTree ()
FSIndex getIndex ()
String getIndexLabel ()
JTree getIndexTree ()
String getLanguage ()
String getLanguagePrefsList ()
List< String > getLanguages ()
Properties getPreferences ()
Map< String, Style > getStyleMap ()
JTextArea getTextArea ()
File getTextFile ()
UndoMgr getUndoMgr ()
File getXcasFileOpenDir ()
void handleException (Throwable e)
void handleSofas ()
boolean isAnnotationIndex ()
boolean isDirty ()
boolean isExitOnClose ()
void loadAEDescriptor (File descriptorFile)
void loadColorPreferences (File file) throws IOException
void loadFile ()
void loadTextFile (File textFile1)
void loadXmiFile (File xmiCasFile)
 MainFrame (File iniFile)
void resetCPMenu ()
final void resetCursor ()
void resetLangMenu ()
void resetTrees ()
void runAE (boolean doCasReset)
void runCPC ()
void saveColorPreferences (File file) throws IOException
boolean saveFile ()
void saveProgramPreferences () throws IOException
void setAllAnnotationViewerItemEnable (boolean enabled)
void setAnnotationIndex (boolean isAnnotationIndex)
void setAnnotOpenDir (File annotOpenDir)
void setCaretStatus (final int dot, final int mark)
void setCas (CAS cas)
void setCodePage (String codePage)
void setColorSettingFile (File colorSettingFile)
void setColorSettingsDir (File colorSettingsDir)
void setDataPath (String dataPath)
void setDataPathName (String dataPathName)
void setDirty (boolean isDirty)
final void setEnableCasFileReadingAndWriting ()
void setExitOnClose (boolean exitOnClose)
void setFileOpenDir (File fileOpenDir)
void setFileStatusMessage ()
void setIndex (FSIndex index)
void setIndexLabel (String indexLabel)
void setLanguage (String language)
void setLanguagePrefsList (String languagePrefsList)
void setPreferredSize (JComponent comp, String propPrefix)
void setRerunEnabled (boolean enabled)
void setRunOnCasEnabled ()
void setSaveTextFileEnable (boolean enabled)
void setStatusbarMessage (String message)
void setText (String text)
void setTextFile (File textFile)
void setTextNoTitle (String text)
void setTitle ()
void setTypeSystemViewerEnabled (boolean enabled)
void setUndoEnabled (boolean enabled)
void setXcasFileOpenDir (File xcasFileOpenDir)
void showTextPopup (int x, int y)
void updateFSTree (String indexName, FSIndex index1)
void updateIndexTree (boolean useCAS)

Static Public Attributes

static final String aeDirPref = "dir.open.tae"
static final String annotViewSizePref = "annotViewWindow.size"
static final String DEFAULT_STYLE_NAME = "defaultStyle"
static final String fsTreeSizePref = "fsTree.size"
static final String heightSuffix = ".height"
static final String indexTreeSizePref = "indexTree.size"
static List< LevellogLevels = new ArrayList<Level>(9)
static final String logViewSizePref = "logViewWindow.size"
static final String textDirPref = "dir.open.text"
static final String textSizePref = "textArea.size"
static final String tsWindowSizePref = "tsWindow.size"
static final String widthSuffix = ".width"
static final String xcasDirPref = "dir.open.xcas"

Protected Member Functions

void handleException (Throwable e, StringBuffer msg)
void internalRunAE (boolean doCasReset)
boolean setupAE (File aeFile)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

String languagePrefsList = null

Static Package Attributes

static final String htmlGrayColor = "<font color=#808080>"

Private Member Functions

final void addCursorOwningComponent (Component comp)
void addRecentDescFile (File file)
void addRecentTextFile (File file)
void createCPMenu ()
HashMap< Object, Action > createEditActionMap ()
JMenu createEditMenu ()
void createFileMenu ()
JMenu createHelpMenu ()
void createLangMenu ()
JMenuBar createMenuBar ()
final JMenuItem createRecentDescFileItem (int num, File file)
final JMenuItem createRecentTextFileItem (int num, File file)
JMenu createRunMenu ()
void createStatusBar ()
void createTextArea ()
JMenu createToolsMenu ()
DefaultMutableTreeNode createTypeTree (Type type, TypeSystem ts, String label, FSIndexRepository ir)
void deleteFSTree ()
ArrayList< FSNodegetAnnotationsAtPos (int pos, List< FSNode > annots)
void init ()
final void initCas ()
final void initFileLists ()
void initFSTree ()
void initializeLogging ()
void initIRTree ()
void initKeyMap ()
void loadProgramPreferences () throws IOException
void populateEditMenu ()
void setAEStatusMessage ()
final void setWaitCursor ()
void showError (String msg)

Static Private Member Functions

static final int getMnemonic (int i)
static final String stringListToString (List< String > list)
static final List< String > stringToArrayList (String s)

Private Attributes

JMenuItem acdItem
AnalysisEngine ae = null
File aeDescriptorFile = null
JTextField aeStatus
JMenuItem allAnnotationViewerItem
File annotOpenDir = null
JTextField caretStatus
CAS cas = null
String codePage = null
List< String > codePages = null
File colorSettingFile
File colorSettingsDir = null
Action copyAction
ButtonGroup cpButtons
JMenu cpMenu
List< Cursor > cursorCache = null
List< Component > cursorOwningComponents = new ArrayList<Component>()
Action cutAction
String dataPathName
final List< String > descFileNameList = new ArrayList<String>()
JMenu editMenu
boolean exitOnClose = true
JMenu fileMenu = null
File fileOpenDir = null
JMenuItem fileSaveItem = null
JTextField fileStatus
JTree fsTree
JScrollPane fsTreeScrollPane
FSIndex index = null
String indexLabel = null
JTree indexTree
JScrollPane indexTreeScrollPane
File iniFile = null
boolean isAnnotationIndex = false
boolean isDirty
ButtonGroup langButtons
JMenu langMenu
String language
List< String > languages = null
ProcessTrace lastRunProcessTrace = null
Logger log = null
File logFile = null
Properties preferences
JMenu recentDescFileMenu
final RecentFilesList recentDescFiles = new RecentFilesList(maxRecentSize)
JMenu recentTextFileMenu
final RecentFilesList recentTextFiles = new RecentFilesList(maxRecentSize)
JMenuItem reRunMenu
JMenuItem runCPCMenu
JMenuItem runOnCasMenuItem
JMenuItem showPerfReportItem
JComboBox sofaSelectionComboBox
JPanel sofaSelectionPanel
JTextField statusBar
JPanel statusPanel
Map< String, Style > styleMap = new HashMap<String, Style>()
JTextArea textArea
File textFile = null
final List< String > textFileNameList = new ArrayList<String>()
JPopupMenu textPopup
JScrollPane textScrollPane
Border textTitleBorder
JMenuItem tsViewerItem
JMenuItem typeSystemReadItem
JMenuItem typeSystemWriteItem
JMenuItem undoItem
UndoMgr undoMgr
File xcasFileOpenDir = null
JMenuItem xcasReadItem
JMenuItem xcasWriteItem
JMenuItem xmiCasReadItem
JMenuItem xmiCasWriteItem

Static Private Attributes

static final String colorDirPref = "colors.dir"
static final String colorFilePref = "colors.file"
static final String cpCurrentPref = "cp.selected"
static final String dataPathPref = "datapath"
static final String defaultLanguages = "de,en,fr,ja,ko-kr,pt-br,zh-cn,zh-tw,x-unspecified"
static final String defaultText = "Load or edit text here."
static final String descFileListPref = "file.desc.list"
static final Dimension fsTreeDimensionDefault = new Dimension(200, 200)
static final String indexReposRootLabel = "<html><b>CAS Index Repository</b></html>"
static final String langCurrentPref = "lang.selected"
static final String langListPref = "lang.list"
static final String LANGUAGE_DEFAULT = "en"
static final Dimension logFileDimensionDefault = new Dimension(500, 600)
static final String loggerPropertiesFileName = "org/apache/uima/tools/annot_view/Logger.properties"
static final int maxRecentSize = 8
static final String noIndexReposLabel = "CAS Index Repository</b></html>"
static final Color selectionColor = Color.orange
static final long serialVersionUID = -1357410768440678886L
static final Dimension textDimensionDefault = new Dimension(500, 400)
static final String textFileListPref = "file.text.list"
static final String titleText = "CAS Visual Debugger (CVD)"

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