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org::apache::uima::tools::docanalyzer::PrefsMediator Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void fieldFocusLost ()
String getEncoding ()
String getInputDir ()
String getLanguage ()
String getOutputDir ()
File getStylemapFile ()
String getTAEfile ()
String getTAEFileNameRoot ()
String getTAEPath ()
String getViewType ()
String getXmlTag ()
void restorePreferences ()
void savePreferences ()
void setDocButtons (JButton run, JButton inter, JButton view)
void setEncoding (String encoding)
void setFileSelectors (FileSelector input, FileSelector output, FileSelector xml)
void setInputDir (String inputDir)
void setLanguage (String language)
void setOutputDir (String outputDir)
void setOutputDirForInteractiveMode (String outputDir, String outputDirToSave)
void setTAEfile (String edir)
void setViewType (String viewType)
void setXmlTag (String xmlTag)

Package Attributes

JButton interButton
JButton viewButton

Private Member Functions

int indexOfLastFileSeparator (String path)

Private Attributes

String defaultInputDir
String defaultOutputDir
String encoding
String inputDir
FileSelector inputFileSelector
String language
String outputDir
FileSelector outputFileSelector
Preferences prefs
JButton runButton
String taeDir
String viewType
FileSelector xmlFileSelector
String xmlTag

Static Private Attributes

static final String ENCODING = "encoding"
static final String INDIR = "inDir"
static final String LANGUAGE = "language"
static final String OUTDIR = "outDir"
static final String TAEDESCRIPTOR = "taeDescriptor"
static final String VIEWTYPE = "viewType"
static final String XMLTAG = "xmlTag"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file PrefsMediator.java.

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