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org::apache::uima::tools::migration::IbmUimaToApacheUima Class Reference

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class  Replacement

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args) throws IOException

Static Private Member Functions

static String applyJCasRefactoring (String contents)
static void checkForManualAttentionNeeded (File file, String contents)
static void parseCommaSeparatedList (String string, Collection results)
static void printUsageAndExit ()
static void readMapping (String fileName, List mappings, boolean treatAsPackageNames) throws IOException
static String removeDuplicateImports (String contents)
static void replaceInAllFiles (File dir) throws IOException
static void replaceInFile (File file) throws IOException

Static Private Attributes

static final Pattern CLASS_NAME_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("public\\s+(final\\s+|abstract\\s+)*class\\s+([A-Za-z0-9_]+)")
static Set extensions = new HashSet()
static int filesModified = 0
static List filesNeedingManualAttention = new ArrayList()
static int filesScanned = 0
static final Pattern GET_NEXT_INDEX_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("JCas\\.getNextIndex\\(\\)")
static final Pattern GETDOCANNOT_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("[Jj][Cc][Aa][Ss](\\(\\))?\\s*\\.\\s*getDocumentAnnotation\\(")
static Set ibmPackageNames = new HashSet()
static final Pattern IMPORT_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("(?m)^\\s*import\\s+([^;]*);\\s*$")
static int MAX_FILE_SIZE = 1000000
static final Pattern PACKAGE_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("(?m)^\\s*package\\s+([A-Za-z0-9_.]+)\\s*;")
static List replacements = new ArrayList()
static final Pattern THROW_FEAT_MISSING_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("JCas\\.throwFeatMissing")

Detailed Description

Migration utility for converting from IBM UIMA to Apache UIMA. Updates package names and does various other string replacements. Should be run on java code, descriptors, and other files that may have UIMA package names in them (e.g., launch configurations, scripts).

Definition at line 45 of file IbmUimaToApacheUima.java.

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