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org::apache::uima::tools::pear::packager::PearPackager Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Static Private Member Functions

static final boolean checkCmdLineSyntax (CommandLineParser clp)
static final CommandLineParser createCmdLineParser ()
static final void printUsage ()

Static Private Attributes

static final String CLASSPATH_PARAM = "-classpath"
static final String COMPONENT_ID_PARAM = "-compID"
static final String DATAPATH_PARAM = "-datapath"
static final String ENV_VAR_PARAM = "-envVars"
static final String INSTALL_ACTION_PARAM = "-create"
static final String MAIN_COMPONENT_DESC_PARAM = "-mainCompDesc"
static final String MAIN_COMPONENT_DIR_PARAM = "-mainCompDir"
static final String PACKAGE_ACTION_PARAM = "-package"
static final String TARGET_DIR_PARAM = "-targetDir"

Detailed Description

PEAR package command line interface.

The class provides a command line interface to package a PEAR file or to just creat an PEAR installation descriptor.

     The PearPackager can be used in three different modes:
     Mode 1: create a complete PEAR package (default mode)
     Mode 2: just create the PEAR installation descriptor
     Mode 3: just package a PEAR file
     Mode 1 usage: java org.apache.uima.tools.pear.packager.PearPackager -compID <componentID&gt -mainCompDesc <mainComponentDesc&gt [-classpath <classpath&gt] [-datapath <datapath&gt] -mainCompDir <mainComponentDir&gt -targetDir <targetDir&gt [-envVars <propertiesFilePath&gt]
     Mode 2 usage: java org.apache.uima.tools.pear.packager.PearPackager -create -compID <componentID&gt -mainCompDesc <mainComponentDesc&gt [-classpath <classpath&gt] [-datapath <datapath&gt] -mainCompDir <mainComponentDir&gt [-envVars <propertiesFilePath&gt]
     Mode 3 usage: java org.apache.uima.tools.pear.packager.PearPackager -package -compID <componentID&gt -mainCompDir <mainComponentDir&gt -targetDir <targetDir&gt    

Definition at line 47 of file PearPackager.java.

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