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org::apache::uima::tools::viewer::CasAnnotationViewer Class Reference

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class  AnnotationTreeCellRenderer
class  DefaultEntityResolver
class  FsTreeNodeObject
class  TypeTreeNodeObject
class  VerticallyScrollablePanel

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void applyBoldfaceToKeywords (String[] aWords)
void applyBoldfaceToSpans (int[] aSpans)
void assignCheckedFromList (ArrayList aNotChecked)
void assignColorsFromList (List aColors, ArrayList aTypeNames)
 CasAnnotationViewer ()
 CasAnnotationViewer (boolean aEntityViewEnabled)
void configureViewForXmlFragmentsQuery (String aQuery, String aTypeNamespace)
void configureViewForXmlFragmentsQuery (String aQuery)
ArrayList getUserTypes ()
void itemStateChanged (ItemEvent e)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent e)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent e)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e)
void setCAS (CAS aCAS)
void setConsistentColors (boolean aConsistent)
void setDisplayedTypes (String[] aDisplayedTypeNames)
void setEntityResolver (EntityResolver aEntityResolver)
void setEntityViewEnabled (boolean aEnabled)
void setHiddenFeatures (String[] aFeatureNames)
void setHiddenTypes (String[] aTypeNames)
void setHideUnselectedCheckboxes (boolean aHideUnselected)
void setHighFrequencyTypes (String[] aTypeNames)
void setInitiallySelectedTypes (String[] aTypeNames)
void setRightToLeftTextOrientation (boolean aRightToLeft)
void setSize (Dimension d)
void setUserTypes (ArrayList userTypes)
void treeCollapsed (TreeExpansionEvent event)
void treeExpanded (TreeExpansionEvent event)
void treeWillCollapse (TreeExpansionEvent event) throws ExpandVetoException
void treeWillExpand (TreeExpansionEvent event) throws ExpandVetoException

Protected Member Functions

void addAnnotationToTree (AnnotationFS aAnnotation)
JTree getSelectedAnnotationTree ()

Private Member Functions

void addFeatureTreeNodes (DefaultMutableTreeNode aParentNode, FeatureStructure aFS)
void assignColors (List aTypeNames)
void display ()
void displayAnnotations ()
void displayEntities ()
void doBoldface ()
boolean typeNamesContains (Set names, String name)
void updateSelectedAnnotationTree (int aPosition)
boolean wildCardMatch (String s, String pattern)

Private Attributes

JPanel annotationCheckboxPanel
JRadioButton annotationModeButton
JPanel buttonPanel
JButton deselectAllButton
JPanel entityCheckboxPanel
JRadioButton entityModeButton
JSplitPane horizSplitPane
JLabel legendLabel
JPanel legendPanel
JScrollPane legendScrollPane
String[] mBoldfaceKeywords = new String[0]
int[] mBoldfaceSpans = new int[0]
boolean mConsistentColors = true
Set mDisplayedTypeNames = null
EntityResolver mEntityResolver = new DefaultEntityResolver()
Map mEntityToCheckboxMap = new HashMap()
boolean mEntityViewEnabled = false
Type mFsArrayType
Set mHiddenFeatureNames = new HashSet()
Set mHiddenTypeNames = new HashSet()
boolean mHideUnselectedCheckboxes = false
List mHighFrequencyTypes = new ArrayList()
Set mInitiallySelectedTypeNames = null
Type mStringType
Map mTypeNameToColorMap = new HashMap()
Map mTypeToCheckboxMap = new HashMap()
short mViewMode = MODE_ANNOTATIONS
HashSet noCheckSet = new HashSet()
JButton selectAllButton
JTree selectedAnnotationTree
DefaultTreeModel selectedAnnotationTreeModel
JButton showHideUnselectedButton
JComboBox sofaSelectionComboBox
JPanel sofaSelectionPanel
JTextPane textPane
JScrollPane textScrollPane
ArrayList userTypes = null
JSplitPane vertSplitPane
JPanel viewModePanel

Static Private Attributes

static final float BRIGHT = 0.95f
static final Color[] COLORS
static String[] DEFAULT_HIDDEN_FEATURES = { "sofa" }
static final short MODE_ANNOTATIONS = 0
static final short MODE_ENTITIES = 1
static final long serialVersionUID = 3559118488371946999L

Detailed Description

A Swing component that displays annotations in a text pane with highlighting. There is also a tree view for display details of annotations on which the user clicks. This class extends JPanel and so can be reused within any Swing application.

To launch the viewer, call the setCAS(CAS) method with the CAS to be viewed.

The viewer is configurable via the following methods:

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