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org::apache::uima::tutorial::DateAnnot_Type Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addToIndexes (int inst)
 DateAnnot_Type (JCas jcas, Type casType)
int getBegin (int addr)
String getCoveredText (int inst)
int getEnd (int addr)
String getShortDateString (int addr)
SofaFS getSofa (int addr)
int getTypeIndexID ()
CAS getView (int addr)
int noObjCreate ()
void removeFromIndexes (int inst)
void setBegin (int addr, int v)
void setEnd (int addr, int v)
void setShortDateString (int addr, String v)

Public Attributes

final CASImpl casImpl
final Type casType
final int casTypeCode
final JCas jcas
final LowLevelCAS ll_cas
final boolean useExistingInstance

Static Public Attributes

static final boolean featOkTst = JCasRegistry.getFeatOkTst("org.apache.uima.tutorial.DateAnnot")
static final int typeIndexID = DateAnnot.typeIndexID

Protected Member Functions

void checkType (int inst)
FSGenerator getFSGenerator ()
void invalidTypeArg (int inst)

Protected Attributes

final TOP_Type instanceOf_Type
final boolean lowLevelArrayBoundChecks
final boolean lowLevelTypeChecks

Package Attributes

final Feature casFeat_begin
final Feature casFeat_end
final Feature casFeat_shortDateString
final Feature casFeat_sofa
final int casFeatCode_begin
final int casFeatCode_end
final int casFeatCode_shortDateString
final int casFeatCode_sofa

Private Attributes

final FSGenerator fsGenerator

Detailed Description

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