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org::apache::uima::uimacpp::UimacppEngine Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void batchProcessComplete () throws UimacppException
void collectionProcessComplete () throws UimacppException
void destroy () throws UimacppException
boolean hasNext () throws UimacppException
void next (CAS segment) throws UimacppException
void process (ResultSpecification rs, CAS aCas, boolean casIsEmpty) throws UimacppException

Static Public Member Functions

static void configureResourceManager (String workDirectory, String dataDirectory) throws UimacppException
static UimacppEngine createJTafTAE (String configFile) throws UimacppException
static String getErrorMessage (long errorCode) throws UimacppException
static String getTafJNIVersion () throws UimacppException

Protected Member Functions

void finalize () throws Throwable

Package Functions

void initialize (String config) throws UimacppException
void typeSystemInit (CASMgrSerializer casMgrSerializer) throws UimacppException

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
static void printArray (String s, int[] ar)
static void printArray (String s, String[] ar)
static void throwJTafException (Exception exc) throws UimacppException

Package Attributes

CAS cas = null
long cppEnginePointer = 0
boolean hasNext = false

Private Member Functions

native void batchProcessCompleteJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void collectionProcessCompleteJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void constructorJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void destroyJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void destructorJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void fillCASJNI (int[] heapArray, int[] fsIndex, String[] stringTable, byte[] byteArray, short[] shortArray, long[] longArray)
native Object getSerializedDataJNI (int what) throws InternalTafException
native Object getSerializedSegmentDataJNI (int what) throws InternalTafException
native boolean hasNextSegmentJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void initializeJNI (String configFile) throws InternalTafException
native void nextSegmentJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void processJNI (int isTCas, String sofaName, int[] resultSpecTypes, int[] resultSpecFeatures) throws InternalTafException
native void releaseSegmentJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void resetJNI () throws InternalTafException
native void serializeCASJNI (boolean bSerializeData) throws InternalTafException
native void serializeSegmentJNI (boolean bSerializeData) throws InternalTafException
native void typeSystemInitJNI (String[] typeNames, String[] featureNames, int[] typeInheritance, int[] featDecls, int topTypeCode, int[] featureOffsets, int[] typeOrder, int[] stringSubTypes, String[] stringSubTypeValues, int[] stringSubTypeValuePos, String[] indexNames, int[] nameToIndexMap, int[] indexingStrategy, int[] comparatorIndex, int[] comparators) throws InternalTafException

Static Private Member Functions

static native void configureResourceManagerJNI (String workDir, String dataDir) throws InternalTafException
static void createResourceManager () throws UimacppException
static native void createResourceManagerJNI () throws InternalTafException
static native String getErrorMessageJNI (long errorId) throws InternalTafException
static native String getVersionJNI () throws InternalTafException
static void serializeResultSpecification (ResultSpecification rs, CASImpl cas, IntVector resultSpecTypes, IntVector resultSpecFeatures)

Static Private Attributes

static final int BYTEHEAP = 12
static String[] compatibleTafJniVersions = { "2.0" }
static final int FSHEAP = 10
static final int INDEXEDFSS = 30
static final int LONGHEAP = 14
static final int SHORTHEAP = 13
static final int STRINGSYMBOL = 11

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file UimacppEngine.java.

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