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org::apache::uima::util::CasCopier Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean alreadyCopied (FeatureStructure aFS)
 CasCopier (CAS aSrcCas, CAS aDestCas)
void copyCasView (CAS aSrcCasView, boolean aCopySofa)
FeatureStructure copyFs (FeatureStructure aFS)

Static Public Member Functions

static void copyCas (CAS aSrcCas, CAS aDestCas, boolean aCopySofa)

Private Member Functions

FeatureStructure copyArray (FeatureStructure aSrcFs)
void copyFeatures (FeatureStructure aSrcFS, FeatureStructure aDestFS)

Static Private Member Functions

static CAS getOrCreateView (CAS aCas, String aViewName)
static boolean isDocumentAnnotation (FeatureStructure aFS)

Private Attributes

CAS mDestCas
Feature mDestSofaFeature
Map< FeatureStructure,
mFsMap = new HashMap<FeatureStructure, FeatureStructure>()
LowLevelCAS mLowLevelDestCas
CAS mSrcCas

Detailed Description

Utility class for doing deep copies of FeatureStructures from one CAS to another. To handle cases where the source CAS has multiple references to the same FS, you can create one instance of CasCopier and use it to copy multiple FeatureStructures. The CasCopier will remember previously copied FeatureStructures, so if you later copy another FS that has a reference to a previously copied FS, it will not duplicate the multiply-referenced FS.

Definition at line 55 of file CasCopier.java.

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