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org::apache::uima::util::CasToInlineXml Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
String format (CAS aCAS) throws CASException
String format (CAS aCAS, FSMatchConstraint aFilter) throws CASException
String generateXML (CAS aCAS) throws CASException
String generateXML (CAS aCAS, FSMatchConstraint aFilter) throws CASException

Private Member Functions

final Attributes getFeatureAttributes (FeatureStructure aFS, CAS aCAS)
void replaceInvalidXmlChars (char[] aChars)

Detailed Description

Generates an inline XML representation of a CAS. Annotation types are represented as XML tags, features are represented as attributes. Note that features whose values are FeatureStructures are not represented.

Definition at line 54 of file CasToInlineXml.java.

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