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Static Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::util::FileUtils Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static final void copyFile (File file, File dir) throws IOException
static final File createTempDir (File parent, String prefix)
static final File createTempFile (String prefix, String suffix, File tempDir) throws IOException
static final void deleteAllFiles (File directory)
static final boolean deleteRecursive (File file)
static String file2String (File file) throws IOException
static String file2String (File file, String fileEncoding) throws IOException
static String findRelativePath (File file, File relativeToDir) throws IOException
static final ArrayList< File > getFiles (File directory, boolean getRecursive)
static final ArrayList< File > getFiles (File directory)
static String[] getPathComponents (String canonicalPath)
static final ArrayList< File > getSubDirs (File directory)
static final boolean mkdir (File directory)
static String reader2String (Reader reader) throws IOException
static void saveString2File (String s, File file, String encoding) throws IOException
static void saveString2File (String fileContents, File file) throws IOException

Detailed Description

Some utilities for handling files.

Definition at line 40 of file FileUtils.java.

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