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org::apache::uima::util::XMLInputSource Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void close () throws IOException
InputStream getInputStream ()
File getRelativePathBase ()
URL getURL ()
 XMLInputSource (String aUrlOrFileName) throws IOException
 XMLInputSource (File aFile) throws IOException
 XMLInputSource (InputStream aInputStream, File aRelativePathBase)
 XMLInputSource (URL aURL) throws IOException

Private Attributes

InputStream mInputStream

Detailed Description

An input source used by the XMLParser to read XML documents for parsing.

The application uses the XMLInputSource(File) constructor to create an XMLInputSource from a descriptor File. Alternatively, if the source of the XML is not a file, the XMLInputSource(InputStream,File) constructor may be used to read the XML from an input stream. The second argument to this constructor is the relative path base, to be used if the descriptor contains imports with relative paths. It is acceptable to set this to null if it is known that the descriptor does not contain any such imports.

Definition at line 41 of file XMLInputSource.java.

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