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org::apache::vinci::transport::FrameLeaf Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FrameLeaf (byte[] mydata, boolean encode)
 FrameLeaf (String mydata)
 FrameLeaf (float myfloat_)
 FrameLeaf (int myint_)
 FrameLeaf (int[] myint)
 FrameLeaf (float[] myfloat)
 FrameLeaf (long myint)
 FrameLeaf (long[] mylong)
 FrameLeaf (String[] mystring)
 FrameLeaf (double myfloat)
 FrameLeaf (boolean bool)
 FrameLeaf (double[] mydouble)
Attributes getAttributes ()
byte[] getData ()
void setAttributes (Attributes s)
boolean toBoolean ()
byte[] toBytes ()
double toDouble ()
double[] toDoubleArray ()
float toFloat ()
float[] toFloatArray ()
int toInt ()
int[] toIntArray ()
long toLong ()
long[] toLongArray ()
String toString ()
String[] toStringArray ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String NOT_UTF8_ERROR = "*** ERROR: Data not utf8 ***"

Private Attributes

final byte[] data

Detailed Description

Class encapsulating leaf data from a Frame. Internally, leaf data is always represented as UTF-8. Most people will never have to use this class directly unless implementing specialized Frame document types.

While FrameLeaf is effectively an immutable class, any descendents that implement setAttributes of the base class FrameComponent are not likely to be immutable.

Definition at line 40 of file FrameLeaf.java.

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