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org::apache::vinci::transport::QueryableFrame Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void add (String tag, FrameComponent val)
FrameLeaf createFrameLeaf (byte[] array)
Frame createSubFrame (String tag_name, int initialCapacity)
Frame fadd (String key, double val)
Frame fadd (String key)
Frame fadd (String key, double[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, int val)
Frame fadd (String key, int[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, long val)
Frame fadd (String key, long[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, String val)
Frame fadd (String key, String[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, byte[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, boolean val)
Frame fadd (String key, Frame val)
Frame fadd (String key, float val)
Frame fadd (String key, float[] val)
Frame faddTrueBinary (String key, byte[] val)
abstract ArrayList fget (String key)
boolean fgetBoolean (String key)
byte[] fgetBytes (String key)
double fgetDouble (String key)
double[] fgetDoubleArray (String key)
abstract FrameComponent fgetFirst (String key)
float fgetFloat (String key) throws LeafCastException
float[] fgetFloatArray (String key)
QueryableFrame fgetFrame (String key)
int fgetInt (String key)
int[] fgetIntArray (String key)
long fgetLong (String key)
long[] fgetLongArray (String key)
String fgetString (String key)
String[] fgetStringArray (String key)
byte[] fgetTrueBinary (String key)
KeyValuePair fromStream (InputStream is) throws IOException, EOFException
Attributes getAttributes ()
KeyValuePair getKeyValuePair (int which)
int getKeyValuePairCount ()
void setAttributes (Attributes s)
String toRawXML ()
StringBuffer toRawXML (StringBuffer buf)
void toRawXMLWork (StringBuffer rval)
void toStream (OutputStream os) throws IOException
String toString ()
String toXML ()
StringBuffer toXML (StringBuffer buf)

Static Public Member Functions

static FrameTransporter getFrameTransporter ()
static void setFrameTransporter (FrameTransporter transporter)

Protected Member Functions

void toXML (StringBuffer rval, int offset)

Detailed Description

QueryableFrame is a decorator class that extends Frame. While the Frame decorates its descendents with adder methods for building an XML document, the QueryableFrame further decorates its descendents with getter methods that provide simple "declarative" querying of document values. This supports the important Vinci convention of declarative value access to support evolving service schemas.

Descendents of QueryableFrame need only implement the abstract fget(String key) and fgetFirst(String key) methods.

Typically you will use VinciFrame, an immediate and concrete descendent of QueryableFrame, for most of your code. QueryableFrame can be extended to simplify implementation of alternate Frame implementations should VinciFrame be inadequate for whatever reason.

Note that the getters of QueryableFrame do not search the document recursively. That is, they only search the "top level" tags within the Frame. More sophisticated document search methods should probably be added in orthogonal query processing classes, such as through an XPathProcessor class that understands the QueryableFrame interface.

Definition at line 43 of file QueryableFrame.java.

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