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org::apache::vinci::transport::document::AFrame Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Attributes aadd (String key, float val)
Attributes aadd (String key, float[] val)
Attributes aadd (String key, long val)
Attributes aadd (String key, long[] val)
Attributes aadd (String key, String val)
Attributes aadd (String key, byte[] val)
Attributes aadd (String key, boolean val)
Attributes aadd (String key, AFrame val)
Attributes aadd (String key)
Attributes aadd (String key, double val)
Attributes aadd (String key, double[] val)
Attributes aadd (String key, int val)
Attributes aadd (String key, int[] val)
Attributes aaddTrueBinary (String key, byte[] val)
void add (String key, FrameComponent val)
 AFrame (int capacity)
Attributes aget (String key)
Attributes createAttributes ()
FrameLeaf createFrameLeaf (byte[] array)
Frame createSubFrame (String tag_name, int initialCapacity)
Frame fadd (String key, boolean val)
Frame fadd (String key, float val)
Frame fadd (String key, float[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, double val)
Frame fadd (String key, double[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, int val)
Frame fadd (String key, long val)
Frame fadd (String key, long[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, String val)
Frame fadd (String key)
Frame fadd (String key, byte[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, Frame val)
Frame fadd (String key, String[] val)
Frame fadd (String key, int[] val)
Frame faddTrueBinary (String key, byte[] val)
VinciFrame fdrop (String key)
VinciFrame fdropFirst (String key)
ArrayList fget (String key)
AFrame fgetAFrame (String key)
boolean fgetBoolean (String key)
byte[] fgetBytes (String key)
double fgetDouble (String key)
double[] fgetDoubleArray (String key)
FrameComponent fgetFirst (String key)
float fgetFloat (String key) throws LeafCastException
float[] fgetFloatArray (String key)
QueryableFrame fgetFrame (String key)
int fgetInt (String key)
int[] fgetIntArray (String key)
long fgetLong (String key)
long[] fgetLongArray (String key)
String fgetString (String key)
String[] fgetStringArray (String key)
byte[] fgetTrueBinary (String key)
VinciFrame fgetVinciFrame (String key)
ArrayList fkeys ()
void freset ()
KeyValuePair fromStream (InputStream is) throws IOException, EOFException
VinciFrame fset (String key, byte[] bin)
VinciFrame fset (String key, long val)
VinciFrame fset (String key, int val)
VinciFrame fset (String key, Frame val)
VinciFrame fset (String key, double val)
VinciFrame fset (String key, int[] val)
VinciFrame fset (String key, String val)
VinciFrame fset (String key, boolean val)
VinciFrame fsetTrueBinary (String key, byte[] bin)
Attributes getAttributes ()
KeyValuePair getKeyValuePair (int which)
int getKeyValuePairCount ()
void setAttributes (Attributes s)
boolean stripWhitespace ()
StringBuffer toRawXML (StringBuffer buf)
String toRawXML ()
void toRawXMLWork (StringBuffer rval)
void toStream (OutputStream os) throws IOException
String toString ()
String toXML ()
StringBuffer toXML (StringBuffer buf)

Static Public Member Functions

static TransportableFactory getAFrameFactory ()
static FrameTransporter getFrameTransporter ()
static TransportableFactory getVinciFrameFactory ()
static AFrame rpc (Transportable in, String service_name, int socket_timeout) throws IOException, ServiceException, ServiceDownException, VNSException
static AFrame rpc (Transportable in, String service_name, int socket_timeout, int connect_timeout) throws IOException, ServiceException, ServiceDownException, VNSException
static AFrame rpc (Transportable in, String service_name) throws IOException, ServiceException, ServiceDownException, VNSException
static void setFrameTransporter (FrameTransporter transporter)
static AFrame toAFrame (Transportable t)
static VinciFrame toVinciFrame (Transportable t)

Protected Member Functions

void ensureCapacity ()
void set (String key, FrameComponent val)
void toXML (StringBuffer rval, int offset)

Private Attributes

Attributes a = null

Static Private Attributes

static TransportableFactory aFrameFactory

Detailed Description

This class is a VinciFrame with extensions for support of XML attributes.

This class provides a set of "aadd" decorator methods that are almost exactly the same as the "fadd" methods of the Frame class, except they return an empty set of attributes that can then be populated. See the "main()" method for an example of how to use this class to easily create documents with attributes.

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