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org::apache::vinci::transport::vns::service::ServiceRegistry Class Reference

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class  PortRange

Public Member Functions

boolean addAlias (ServiceAlias S)
void addBinding (Service S)
boolean addEntry (Object o)
boolean addService (Service S)
boolean checkBinding (Service S)
boolean checkConflict (String ip, int min, int max)
boolean delAlias (String name)
void delBinding (Service S)
boolean delService (Service S)
Service[] getServices (String name, int level, boolean resolveAlias)
Service[] getServices (String name, String level, boolean resolveAlias)
Service[] getServices (String name)
Service[] getServices (String name, String level)
Service[] getServices (String name, int level)
String[] listNames (String prefix, int level)
String[] listNames (String prefix, String level)
Object[] listServices (String prefix, String level)
Object[] listServices (String prefix, int level)
void load (String fname) throws Exception
void save (Writer F) throws IOException
boolean updateService (Service S)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args) throws Exception
static void pr (String s)

Package Functions

Object[] getEntries (String name)
Object[] getEntries (String name, int level)
Object[] getEntries (String name, String level)
int getLevel (String name, String level)
ServiceStack getStack (String name, boolean create)
ServiceStack getStack (String name)

Static Package Functions

static String constructXMLString (Node C, boolean include)

Package Attributes

Hashtable bindings = null
ServiceTree services = null

Static Package Attributes

static int MAX_ALIAS_LINKS = 25
static int maxAutoPort = 11000
static int minAutoPort = 10000
static int sizeAutoPort = 10

Detailed Description

Primary interface into the services database.

Definition at line 45 of file ServiceRegistry.java.

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