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Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::UimaContextAdmin Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

UimaContextAdmin createChild (String aContextName, Map< String, String > aSofaMappings)
void defineCasPool (int aSize, Properties aPerformanceTuningSettings, boolean aSofaAware) throws ResourceInitializationException
ComponentInfo getComponentInfo ()
String[] getConfigParameterNames (String aGroup)
String[] getConfigParameterNames ()
Object getConfigParameterValue (String aGroupName, String aParamName)
Object getConfigParameterValue (String aParamName)
String[] getConfigurationGroupNames ()
ConfigurationManager getConfigurationManager ()
String getDataPath ()
public< T extends AbstractCas > T getEmptyCas (Class< T > aCasInterface)
InstrumentationFacility getInstrumentationFacility ()
Logger getLogger ()
AnalysisEngineManagement getManagementInterface ()
String getQualifiedContextName ()
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
String getResourceFilePath (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
String getResourceFilePath (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
ResourceManager getResourceManager ()
Object getResourceObject (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
Object getResourceObject (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
URI getResourceURI (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
URI getResourceURI (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
URL getResourceURL (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
URL getResourceURL (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
UimaContextAdmin getRootContext ()
Session getSession ()
Map< String, String > getSofaMap ()
SofaID[] getSofaMappings ()
String getUniqueName ()
void initializeRoot (Logger aLogger, ResourceManager aResourceManager, ConfigurationManager aConfigurationManager)
String mapSofaIDToComponentSofaName (String aSofaID)
SofaID mapToSofaID (String aSofaName)
void returnedCAS (AbstractCas aCAS)
void setLogger (Logger aLogger)
void setProcessTrace (ProcessTrace aProcessTrace)
void setSession (Session aSession)

Detailed Description

Admin interface to the UIMA Context. Developer code should only use the UimaContext interface. The methods on this interface are for the framework's use only. *

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