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Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::analysis_engine::metadata::FlowConstraints Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser) throws InvalidXMLException
void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions) throws InvalidXMLException
Object clone ()
boolean equals (Object aObj)
Object getAttributeValue (String aName)
String getFlowConstraintsType ()
URL getSourceUrl ()
String getSourceUrlString ()
boolean isModifiable ()
List< NameClassPair > listAttributes ()
void remapIDs (Map< String, String > aIDMap)
void setAttributeValue (String aName, Object aValue)
void setSourceUrl (URL aUrl)
void toXML (OutputStream aOutputStream) throws SAXException, IOException
void toXML (Writer aWriter) throws SAXException, IOException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler, boolean aWriteDefaultNamespaceAttribute) throws SAXException

Detailed Description

A FlowConstraints object represents constraints on the order of execution of delegate Analysis Engines within an aggregate Analysis Engine. In the most constrained case, this is a fixed flow.

This interface implements no methods for flow constraint specification. It serves as a common superclass for different ways of specifying flow constraints.

Flow constraints must refer to delegate AnalysisEngines; the FlowConstraints object refers to these AEs using String identifiers. The FlowConstraints object does not assign any particular meaning to these Strings - it is the user of the FlowConstraints object that must understand how to map them to the AnalysisEngines themselves. It may be desirable to remap these identifiers; FlowConstraints implementations must support this via the remapIDs(Map) method.

Definition at line 43 of file FlowConstraints.java.

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