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org::apache::uima::cas::FSIntConstraint Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void geq (int i)
void gt (int i)
void leq (int i)
void lt (int i)
boolean match (int i)

Package Functions

void eq (int i)

Detailed Description

Interface for an integer constraint. A integer constraint contains 0 or more tests, the results of which are "anded" together. To set a test, use any of the methods on this class (except "match").

To use the constraint, invoke its match(int) method, passing the value to test. You can also embed this test with a path specification, using the org.apache.uima.cas.ConstraintFactory#embedConstraint(FeaturePath, FSConstraint) method, and use it to test feature structures, or combine it with other tests using the org.apache.uima.cas.ConstraintFactory#and(FSMatchConstraint, FSMatchConstraint) and org.apache.uima.cas.ConstraintFactory#or(FSMatchConstraint, FSMatchConstraint) methods.

Definition at line 34 of file FSIntConstraint.java.

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