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org::apache::uima::cas::FeaturePath Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addFeature (Feature feat)
Boolean getBooleanValue (FeatureStructure fs)
Byte getByteValue (FeatureStructure fs)
Double getDoubleValue (FeatureStructure fs)
Feature getFeature (int i)
String getFeaturePath ()
Float getFloatValue (FeatureStructure fs)
FeatureStructure getFSValue (FeatureStructure fs)
Integer getIntValue (FeatureStructure fs)
Long getLongValue (FeatureStructure fs)
Short getShortValue (FeatureStructure fs)
String getStringValue (FeatureStructure fs)
TypeClass getTypClass (FeatureStructure fs)
Type getType (FeatureStructure fs)
String getValueAsString (FeatureStructure fs)
void initialize (String featurePath) throws CASException
String ll_getValueAsString (int fsRef, LowLevelCAS llCas)
void typeInit (Type featurePathType) throws CASException

Package Functions

int size ()

Detailed Description

Interface for a feature path. A feature path is a sequence of features. The feature path can either be initialized using the addFeature() or the initialize() method. To initialize and check the feature path for a desired type call typeInit(). After these calls the feature path value can be extracted using the provided getter methods.

The feature path elements are separated by "/". So a valid feature path is /my/feature/path.

The feature path syntax also allows some built-in functions on the last feature path element. Built-in functions are added with a ":" followed by the function name. E.g. "/my/path:fsId()". The allowed built-in functions are:

Built-in functions are only evaluated if getValueAsString() is called.

Definition at line 44 of file FeaturePath.java.

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