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org::apache::uima::cas::Type Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

Vector< FeaturegetAppropriateFeatures ()
Type getComponentType ()
Feature getFeatureByBaseName (String featureName)
List< FeaturegetFeatures ()
int getNumberOfFeatures ()
String getShortName ()
boolean isArray ()
boolean isFeatureFinal ()
boolean isInheritanceFinal ()
boolean isPrimitive ()

Package Functions

String getName ()

Detailed Description

The interface describing types in the type system.

Type names are Java strings that look like Java class names. For example, the built-in annotation type is called uima.tcas.Annotation. The whole string is called the (fully) qualified type name. The part after the last period is called the short or base name. The rest of the name is the name space of the type. This part can be empty, in which case the qualified and the base name are identical.

Type system identifiers in general have the following syntax: they are non-empty strings whose first character is a letter (Unicode letter), followed by an arbitrary sequence of letters, digits and underscores. No other characters are legal parts of identifiers. A type name is then a non-empty sequence of identifiers separated by periods. See also Feature names.

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