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org::apache::uima::cas::admin::FSIndexRepositoryMgr Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addFS (FeatureStructure fs)
void commit ()
FSIndexComparator createComparator ()
boolean createIndex (FSIndexComparator comp, String label, int indexingStrategy) throws CASAdminException
boolean createIndex (FSIndexComparator comp, String label) throws CASAdminException
LinearTypeOrderBuilder createTypeSortOrder ()
FSIterator< FeatureStructuregetAllIndexedFS (Type aType)
LinearTypeOrderBuilder getDefaultOrderBuilder ()
LinearTypeOrder getDefaultTypeOrder ()
FSIndex< FeatureStructuregetIndex (String label, Type type) throws CASRuntimeException
Iterator< FSIndex
< FeatureStructure > > 
getIndexes ()
Iterator< String > getLabels ()
boolean isCommitted ()
void removeFS (FeatureStructure fs)

Package Functions

FSIndex< FeatureStructuregetIndex (String label)

Detailed Description

Repository of indexes. Indexes are defined via FSIndexComparators.

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