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Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::collection::metadata::CpeLocalCasProcessor Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addDeployParam (String aParamName, String aParamValue) throws CpeDescriptorException
void addExecArg (String aArgValue) throws CpeDescriptorException
void addExecEnv (String aEnvParamName, String aEnvParamValue) throws CpeDescriptorException
void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser) throws InvalidXMLException
void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions) throws InvalidXMLException
Object clone ()
boolean equals (Object aObj)
String getActionOnMaxError ()
String getActionOnMaxRestart ()
Object getAttributeValue (String aName)
int getBatchSize ()
String getCasProcessorFilter ()
CpeCheckpoint getCheckpoint ()
CasProcessorConfigurationParameterSettings getConfigurationParameterSettings ()
CpeComponentDescriptor getCpeComponentDescriptor ()
String getDeployment ()
CasProcessorDeploymentParams getDeploymentParams ()
String getDescriptor ()
CasProcessorErrorHandling getErrorHandling ()
String getExecutable () throws CpeDescriptorException
boolean getIsParallelizable ()
int getMaxErrorCount ()
int getMaxErrorSampleSize ()
int getMaxRestartCount ()
String getName ()
CasProcessorRunInSeperateProcess getRunInSeparateProcess ()
CasProcessorRunInSeperateProcess getRunInSeperateProcess () throws CpeDescriptorException
String getSOFA ()
CpeSofaMappings getSofaNameMappings ()
URL getSourceUrl ()
String getSourceUrlString ()
int getTimeout ()
boolean isJava () throws CpeDescriptorException
boolean isModifiable ()
List< NameClassPair > listAttributes ()
void setActionOnMaxError (String aAction)
void setActionOnMaxRestart (String aAction)
void setAttributeValue (String aName, Object aValue)
void setBatchSize (int aBatchSize)
void setCasProcessorFilter (String aFilterExpression) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setConfigurationParameterSettings (CasProcessorConfigurationParameterSettings aSettings) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setCpeComponentDescriptor (CpeComponentDescriptor aDescriptor) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setDescriptor (String aDescriptor) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setExecutable (String aCasProcessorExecutable) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setIsJava (boolean aJava) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setIsParallelizable (boolean isP)
void setMaxErrorCount (int aErrorCount)
void setMaxErrorSampleSize (int aErrorSampleSize)
void setMaxRestartCount (int aErrorCount)
void setName (String aName) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setRunInSeperateProcess (CasProcessorRunInSeperateProcess aSepProcess) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setSOFA (String aSOFA) throws CpeDescriptorException
void setSofaNameMappings (CpeSofaMappings mappings)
void setSourceUrl (URL aUrl)
void setTimeout (int aTimeoutValue)
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler, boolean aWriteDefaultNamespaceAttribute) throws SAXException
void toXML (OutputStream aOutputStream) throws SAXException, IOException
void toXML (Writer aWriter) throws SAXException, IOException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException

Detailed Description

An object that holds configuration that is part of the CPE descriptor. Provides the means of defining and obtaining configuration for CasProcessors deployed locally, ie same machine as CPE but different process.

Its basic functionality is inherited from org.apache.uima.collection.metadata.CpeCasProcessor

Definition at line 32 of file CpeLocalCasProcessor.java.

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