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org::apache::uima::flow::FlowControllerContext Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

AnalysisEngineMetaData getAggregateMetadata ()
String[] getConfigParameterNames (String aGroup)
String[] getConfigParameterNames ()
Object getConfigParameterValue (String aParamName)
Object getConfigParameterValue (String aGroupName, String aParamName)
String[] getConfigurationGroupNames ()
String getDataPath ()
public< T extends AbstractCas > T getEmptyCas (Class< T > aCasInterface)
InstrumentationFacility getInstrumentationFacility ()
Logger getLogger ()
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
String getResourceFilePath (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
String getResourceFilePath (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
Object getResourceObject (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
Object getResourceObject (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
URI getResourceURI (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
URI getResourceURI (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
URL getResourceURL (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
URL getResourceURL (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
Session getSession ()
SofaID[] getSofaMappings ()
String mapSofaIDToComponentSofaName (String aSofaID)
SofaID mapToSofaID (String aSofaName)

Package Functions

Map< String,
getAnalysisEngineMetaDataMap ()

Detailed Description

A subtype of UimaContext used by FlowController components. In addition to access to resources and configuration settings (provided by UimaContext), the FlowControllerContext provides access to other infomration that the FlowController can use to make routing decitions. This includes:

Definition at line 38 of file FlowControllerContext.java.

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