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Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::resource::ConfigurationManager Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void createContext (String aContextName, ResourceMetaData aResourceMetaData) throws ResourceConfigurationException
ConfigurationParameterDeclarations getConfigParameterDeclarations (String aContextName)
Object getConfigParameterValue (String aQualifiedParamName, String aGroupName)
Object getConfigParameterValue (String aQualifiedName)
ConfigurationParameterSettings getCurrentConfigParameterSettings (String aContextName)
void reconfigure (String aContextName) throws ResourceConfigurationException
void setConfigParameterValue (String aQualifiedParamName, String aGroupName, Object aValue)
void setConfigParameterValue (String aQualifiedParamName, Object aValue)
void setSession (Session aSession)

Detailed Description

Manages the configuration parameters of all components within a possibly aggregate org.apache.uima.resource.Resource. Note that the ConfigurationManager needs to make use of the Session object in order to store configuration settings that are specific to a particular client session.

Definition at line 34 of file ConfigurationManager.java.

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