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Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::resource::MQMessagingSpecifier Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser) throws InvalidXMLException
void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions) throws InvalidXMLException
Object clone ()
boolean equals (Object aObj)
Object getAttributeValue (String aName)
String getHostAddress ()
String getHostMessagingServer ()
String getHostPassword ()
int getHostServerChannelPort ()
String getHostUser ()
String getMessagingType ()
URL getSourceUrl ()
String getSourceUrlString ()
String getTargetAddress ()
String getTargetMessagingServer ()
String getTargetPassword ()
int getTargetServerChannelPort ()
String getTargetUser ()
Integer getTimeout ()
boolean isModifiable ()
List< NameClassPair > listAttributes ()
void setAttributeValue (String aName, Object aValue)
void setHostAddress (String hostAddress)
void setHostMessagingServer (String hostMessagingServer)
void setHostPassword (String hostPassword)
void setHostServerChannelPort (int serverChannelPort)
void setHostUser (String hostUser)
void setMessagingType (String messagingType)
void setSourceUrl (URL aUrl)
void setTargetAddress (String targetAddress)
void setTargetMessagingServer (String targetMessagingServer)
void setTargetPassword (String targetPassword)
void setTargetServerChannelPort (int serverChannelPort)
void setTargetUser (String targetUser)
void setTimeout (Integer aTimeout)
void toXML (Writer aWriter) throws SAXException, IOException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler, boolean aWriteDefaultNamespaceAttribute) throws SAXException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException
void toXML (OutputStream aOutputStream) throws SAXException, IOException

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