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org::apache::uima::resource::ResourceManagerPearWrapper Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

CasManager getCasManager ()
String getDataPath ()
ClassLoader getExtensionClassLoader ()
Map< String, XMLizablegetImportCache ()
Object getResource (String aName) throws ResourceAccessException
Object getResource (String aName, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
Class<?extends ResourcegetResourceClass (String aName)
URL getResourceURL (String aKey, String[] aParams) throws ResourceAccessException
URL getResourceURL (String aKey) throws ResourceAccessException
void initializeExternalResources (ResourceManagerConfiguration aConfiguration, String aQualifiedContextName, Map< String, Object > aAdditionalParams) throws ResourceInitializationException
void resolveAndValidateResourceDependencies (ExternalResourceDependency[] aDependencies, String aQualifiedContextName) throws ResourceInitializationException
URL resolveRelativePath (String aRelativePath) throws MalformedURLException
void setCasManager (CasManager aCasManager)
void setDataPath (String aPath) throws MalformedURLException
void setExtensionClassPath (String classpath, boolean resolveResource) throws MalformedURLException
void setExtensionClassPath (ClassLoader parent, String classpath, boolean resolveResource) throws MalformedURLException

Package Functions

void initializeFromParentResourceManager (ResourceManager resourceManager)

Detailed Description

A ResourceManagerPearWrapper is a special Resource Manager, sharing all its fields with its parent, except for the class path and data path fields.

Definition at line 30 of file ResourceManagerPearWrapper.java.

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