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Public Member Functions

org::apache::uima::util::ProcessTrace Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addAll (List< ProcessTraceEvent > aEventList)
void addEvent (String aResourceName, String aType, String aDescription, int aDuration, String aResultMsg)
void addEvent (ProcessTraceEvent aEvent)
void aggregate (ProcessTrace aProcessTrace)
void clear ()
void endEvent (String aComponentName, String aEventType, String aResultMessage)
ProcessTraceEvent getEvent (String aComponentName, String aType)
List< ProcessTraceEventgetEvents ()
List< ProcessTraceEventgetEventsByComponentName (String aComponentName, boolean aRecurseWithinMatch)
List< ProcessTraceEventgetEventsByType (String aType, boolean aRecurseWithinMatch)
void startEvent (String aComponentName, String aEventType, String aDescription)
String toString ()

Detailed Description

A ProcessTrace object keeps a record of events that have occurred and information, such as timing, about those events.

Each event is represented by a ProcessTraceEvent object. Events may have sub-events, so a ProcessTrace is really a forest of events, which provides a useful description of where time is spent during a process involving several components.

Definition at line 36 of file ProcessTrace.java.

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